Miles Davis – Sorcerer (1967)

  “Everything was worth a trial, just to see. Picasso had the curiosity of the juggler seeking the ball best suited to his hand.” Pierre Descargues   “You get the right guys to play the right thing at the right time and you got a motherfucker. You got everything you need.” Miles Davis   Drawing … Continue reading Miles Davis – Sorcerer (1967)


Bobby Hutcherson – San Francisco (1970)

From the debris of late 60's post free-jazz apocalypse emerged a recumbent souljazzfunk-hybrid like a misty new dawn, a gentler, more welcoming alternative to the ascendant Miles-offshoot fusion of Mahavishnu, Weather Report, Return To Forever et al. which now sounds rather more dated. Even the shape-shifting genius of Frank Zappa drifted into these murky waters … Continue reading Bobby Hutcherson – San Francisco (1970)

Miles Davis Quintet In Copenhagen (1960)

When Miles Davis undertook a Norman Granz organized tour of Europe during March and April of 1960, his famous 'first great quintet' was pretty much a done deal. Of that ground-breaking combo only Paul Chambers on bass and a reluctant John Coltrane (now playing soprano as well as tenor sax) remained, accompanied by pianist Wynton … Continue reading Miles Davis Quintet In Copenhagen (1960)

Miles Davis – “Four” & More (1964)

From the same benefit concert that delivered the astonishing My Funny Valentine LP, this album has explosive performances from all members of the quintet. To quote Miles Davis from his autobiography - "we just blew the top off that place that night. It was a motherfucker the way everybody played - and I mean everybody". … Continue reading Miles Davis – “Four” & More (1964)