Boogaloo Joe Jones – Right On Brother (1970)

Blending a soul-jazz sensibility with driving funk-rock rhythms, guitarist Boogaloo Joe Jones (Ivan Joseph Jones to his parents) tapped into a style that may have been slightly out of step with popular tastes of the early 70s but has since found a new and enthusiastic online audience who find themselves exposed to an abundance of digitally refurbished obscurities from eras past. His recordings were unfussy and clean affairs with an emphasis on keeping it real, especially on his blues numbers, and Jones brought it all together on Right On Brother, perhaps his most fully realised work.

His busy, quick-fire picking technique might be his most immediately apparent hook, but there are many more tricks in his bag. Check his tasty colourful blues stylings on ‘Things Ain’t What They Used to Be’ or his pop licks on The Supremes ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ (their last single featuring Diana Ross before she launched her solo career). Joined on tenor sax by Rusty Bryant who displays his wonderfully robust sound throughout, especially the plaintive ‘Let It Be Me’ that was selected to close the original vinyl issue (the CD re-issue is finished with shorter versions of ‘Right On’ and ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’), and the immaculate Bernard “Pretty” Purdie on drums playing with his usual panache, everything is kept tight, tasty and simmering. Charles Earland contributes percolating Hammond organ textures full of masterful expressiveness and veteran bass player Jimmy Lewis confidently holds down the bottom-end. The Jones compositions ‘Right On’, ‘Poppin’’ and ‘Brown Bag’ are the highlights, each an energised blast of soul-jazz tautness. 



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