Miles Davis – “Four” & More (1964)

From the same benefit concert that delivered the astonishing My Funny Valentine LP, this album has explosive performances from all members of the quintet. To quote Miles Davis from his autobiography –

“we just blew the top off that place that night. It was a motherfucker the way everybody played – and I mean everybody”.

But special mention must be made of the endlessly energetic and inventive Tony Williams, barely in his twenties here and already having reinvented jazz drumming. From behind his tiny drum-kit he keeps everything sizzling throughout, and the amazing display by saxophonist George Coleman is barely believable. A young Herbie Hancock also played above himself with scintillating extended solos. The whole thing is dazzling and Miles plays with renewed vigour. Compare his playing here with the Black Hawk live set of 1961 and you understand how this new youthful rhythm section really revitalised his playing and outlook. Jaw-dropping stuff.




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