Charles Mingus – Oh Yeah (1962)

It's always an event when two mad geniuses come together to record an album. Multi-instrumentalist Roland Kirk, young, blind and brilliant, performed with Charles Mingus for a mere three months. Oh Yeah (also featuring the very excellent Booker Ervin who is less prominent here) is the sole recorded chronicle of this brief union, and one … Continue reading Charles Mingus – Oh Yeah (1962)


Roy Haynes – Out of the Afternoon (1962)

Why this album isn't considered a classic is one of the injustices of the universe, at the very least. The first thing you become aware of is how clean and well balanced the sound is, the crispness of the cymbals and snare drum and boom of the toms places you in Rudy Van Gelder's studio … Continue reading Roy Haynes – Out of the Afternoon (1962)