Rusty Bryant – Fire Eater (1971)

A gold-plated classic from the soul-jazz vaults, tenor sax-man Rusty Bryant was clearly in a funky-as-hell mood when he cut this album at the Van Gelder studio for Prestige Records. It succeeds because there is nothing lightweight to be found here of the sort you might encounter on a Lou Donaldson LP, for example. Three … Continue reading Rusty Bryant – Fire Eater (1971)

Booker Ervin – The Space Book (1964)

Any musician expecting to play for an extended period in Charles Mingus' band had to find his own voice quickly and learn to play at the peak of his abilities. Jackie McLean, who played several times with Mingus, said: "As far as sax was concerned, I was content to play what Bird played, or try … Continue reading Booker Ervin – The Space Book (1964)

Leon Spencer – Where I’m Coming From (1972)

Leon Spencer's final recording is an understated but very groovy document that features keyboard solos with a restrained horn section and funky rhythm guitar providing tight and tasty support. Covers of contemporary tunes by Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Steve Wonder and The Four Tops simmer without coming to the boil, but it is the Spencer … Continue reading Leon Spencer – Where I’m Coming From (1972)