Jimmy McGriff – Electric Funk (1969)

If you’re looking for the definitive soundtrack to match the groovy Blaxploitation movie in your head, this little gem is waiting for you fully realised. So consistent is the funky-ass mood on this disc that it is almost a concept album, but in the best way. The riffs are inspired and dirty, laid down by a rhythm section so in-the-pocket it is nothing but pocket. The uncredited bass and drums team are identified elsewhere as session giants Chuck Rainey and Bernard Purdie, and that seems pretty spot-on to me. Their playing is so assured it can be nobody else. McGriff’s percussive and textured soloing is wonderfully cushioned by the integrated horn-charts and wiry, creative guitar arrangements. The whole thing comes together to evoke the era so successfully it’s as if you have stepped out of a time-machine on to the city streets of urban America, 1970. But time-locked in this case does not mean dated because the recording is crisp and the tunes are great, packed with so many musical events that it repays repeated listening.




8 thoughts on “Jimmy McGriff – Electric Funk (1969)

    1. This one ruled my ears for a while when I first discovered it. I’m surprised it isn’t more well known, if this can slide by undetected who knows how many other slices of awesomeness are out there to be found.

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      1. We know there is all sorts of “awesomeness” out there to be found. As long as we discover it, that’s all that matters. Looking forward to going through your takes. Always nice to get a boost of new recordings. Thumbs up for the first take.

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  1. Adam, you have to get over to cirdecsongs site and check out his take called “Eureka”. There are two bands on there that are keeping this groove alive. The other cuts are good also. Hey, you might know them already.


      1. Yup! I’ll catch up on your write up as i make my way through your stuff. Listening to the album right now. Can never get enough. These guys are on CB’s playlist, never to come off. Thanks. I can see that I’m in for more good sounds..

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